Should we not turn this «when » into « if » you have children. « if  » instead of «when» would change little girls’ perspectives, it would save them from suffering linked to this « when » . Everything would seem possible for them.

We teach children, especially girls, the role which is  assigned to them as  a good wife and above all, a mother. They must intend to conceive children whether they wish for it or not. Parents, parents’ friends and the girls’ surrouding ensure this intention is enforced by repeating this mantra « when you have children! » which she will hear throughout her life until the end of her reproductive cycle. 

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Interchangeable the words faith and hope are frequently used in crises situations : « have hopes » « keep the faith »

However these express two differents feelings. Hope expresses the expectation of something. Faith is based on trust in someone, in religious context trust in God.

Often in Islamic context, faith means the conviction that everything will be well and that everything will happen for the best for each of us. Nonetheless,having  faith does not prevent  us from experiencing sadness , pain, doubts and anger.

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