The stigmatization of childless women, the divinization of mothers, the mythification of parenthood are violence against women.

Worldwide, 1 in 2 women die murdered by their partner or family. Among them, women without children. They succumb to the blows because they cannot give birth. They die because in the environment in which they live a woman is admitted only when she becomes a « mother ». Women die in societies where they are the only ones found responsible for the infertility of the couple. Women commit suicide or attempt suicide when they are marginalized because they are not mothers.

Not to mention that in societies which glorify parenthood, especially motherhood, women cling to toxic and abusive relationships. They have in mind the idea of becoming mothers before giving up such a relationship or the hope that the situation will be resolved with the birth of a child.

For some women, the decision to leave an abusive relationship means sacrificing any chances of motherhood and therefore any recognition in society and in their family. Indeed, these women are aware of the time needed to regain their self-esteem and self-confidence before dating again. In other words, myths around the status of « mother » slow down in some cases a departure from a violent situation.

The decision to abandon a relationship, in their thirties or after the age of forty, means for many women the reduction of the probability of giving birth. We can then consider these violences as the reasons for social infertility.

Ending the myths surrounding parenthood and stopping associating motherhood with femininity would in some cases save many lives.

Original Text Les violences faites aux femmes : stop aux mythes autour de la maternité pour sauver des vies.

Translation by Discussions Essentielles and Deep L

©Crédit photo Pexels -Conttonbro

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