Interchangeable the words faith and hope are frequently used in crises situations : « have hopes » « keep the faith »

However these express two differents feelings. Hope expresses the expectation of something. Faith is based on trust in someone, in religious context trust in God.

Often in Islamic context, faith means the conviction that everything will be well and that everything will happen for the best for each of us. Nonetheless,having  faith does not prevent  us from experiencing sadness , pain, doubts and anger.

Do not confuse belief and trust in God

Faith and belief in one god are regularly confused. However trust in God and the belief in the existence of God are not the same.

Generally, our reactions to events develop our faith. Incidents challenge our beliefs. Beliefs, we have to admit, based on theories produced by human beings. Human beings who wanted to share their interpretations of verses of Qur’an according to their own life experiences.

When we are strike by a trial, whatever it maybe, faith, often defined as an absolute trust in God becomes a support, a crutch to appease

In my view, faith can represent this crutch of healing, the support for childless women and men by circumstances. In other words, faith can represent an aid to go through grief.

However, faith is a help, an element of support if and only if it does not become an obstacle.

Harmful faith: an obstacle to progress

Yes an obstacle ! Faith becomes a barrier when faith means the fullfilment of all our wishes, without exception by the Divine

Thus our faith inevitably leads us to anger against God ; If our faith is based on the belief that practicing scrupulously some religious rituals leads to the fullfilment of our wishes. In the event that the desire for a child does not materialise, an anger mixed with a deep sense of betrayal emerges. « I believe in God. I have faith and yet I do not have what I want » « this person does not practice such and such rituals and yet he or she has children »

This harmful belief will turn against us firstly because it excludes acceptance of situations secondly because it prevents us to moving forward

Original text : Sans enfant : La foi en question

Translation by Discussions Essentielles and DeepL

© Photo credit Liza Summer

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